About Us


About Us

Most websites like these don’t interact with their visitors, and their visitors just have to trust that this person has morals and isn’t going to scam them.  I’m not that kind of website owner; I like to engage with my visitors and see what updates they would like, I like to respond to all the comments on the Facebook Page.

I try to do my best to leave a memory in my visitor’s memory so that they’ll remember this website and come back!  Now, since you guys don’t know me, I’m going to tell you a little about me and my “team.”

Well, as you can probably see by my account name.  My name is Chris, yes, a mainstream American name.  Nonetheless, the select few people that I run this website and just your typical broke college students that liked to play games but us too, couldn’t afford these dang PlayStation Network cards.

I’m the type of personality that wants every game advantage possible, to have every map.  So you can see how these cards got expensive for me.  My friends and I were pulling an all-nighter over a holiday break, and they asked, why don’t we just build a website where we give PlayStation Network cards out for free?  Us being computer programming majors we got to thinking how we could do this.

Now me being the expert in coding, I traded turns with my buddy and hopped on my computer and just started fooling around and developed a rough copy of the design.

My friends were like, “dude we could do this,” the only dilemma we had was getting the codes for free or cheap enough to run a website.  This is where Adam came in; he’s the co-owner of this website and he majors in Business and a minor in computer programming.

He is a genius when it comes to business, and within a week he had a plan to get the codes we need for free.  Needless to say, everything worked out the way we hoped, and we now run the most popular website that gives our free PSN codes.  We never thought it would be possible but, with hard work and the right people on your team, anything is possible.

We don’t want to spoil all of our secrets on how we created this website, how we got our codes because if we tell everyone there will be billions of sites like ours and we don’t want that :P.  Just know, we’re not a scam whatsoever.  We put in the man hours to build this site, so we want all of our visitors to leave our website happy.  We know there are a ton of fake websites and we’re trying to help promote the other small sites that give out real codes.

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    Oct 25, 2017 @ 15:11 pm

    Thank you very much for your blog.

    I enjoyed reading this article.

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