Frequently Asked Questions



The questions below are the questions we get most often. They are arranged by how many times the question was asked. So the questions at the top of the page are the most frequently asked questions.

F.A.Q #1 – Where do you get these codes?

We get these codes from the various sponsors we’ve acquired during the past few months. They supply us with a list of codes that they’ve manually gone through REAL PlayStation Network cards that have been bought from legitimate vendors and sorted them into lists according to their amount. In return, we promote their website on our website. It means they get more sales and we get more codes. It’s a win-win situation!

F.A.Q #2 – How do I get my code?

If you are using our online version, your code will pop up in a box after you have completed one of our hand selected surveys. If you are using our downloadable version, you will have to complete two surveys to be able to download the desktop version. The desktop variant works the same way the online version does!

F.A.Q #3 – The differences between the online version and downloadable version?

With the online version of our PSN Code generator, every time you get a code from us you’re required to complete a survey. With our downloadable version, you only have to complete two surveys to be able to download it, and you can get as many codes as you want without having to complete any more surveys!

F.A.Q # 4 – Are these codes real?

Yes, we don’t provide any fake codes whatsoever. These codes present no threat to your account as they are bought by authorized vendors across the world.

F.A.Q # 5 – My code was invalid?

This is a very very rare scenario; our website currently has a 96% code success rate. The other 4% come from errors and glitches that happened when we weren’t looking closely. When this happens we usually fix the problem within 2-3 hours, if you are one of those unlucky people that get an invalid code, provide the code to us in an email using the contact application, and we’ll email you a new code!