PSN Code Generator Online



Today we are glad to offer our current online PSN Code Generator design. We have spent the last six months completely redesigning our generator, and we finally have worked out all the problems with it. We’re so excited to see how you guys like it and we’re looking forward to getting feedback from you guys. Unlike the last design we had, we’ve made it where you can choose the amount you want! We’re currently the only site that lets you do that.

What’s New

Another thing that is new with this design is that you don’t have to download a single thing. Once you have performed the ordered steps, your PlayStation Network code will appear on your screen, that means there’s no way you can get a virus from our website. We’ve even added a referral script so that if you’re one of those people that can’t complete a survey you can invite five friends and not have to fill out a survey. If you are caught abusing this system, we will remove it and never bring it back again. So make sure you are inviting your REAL friends.

The process of getting a code from our new PSN Code Generator is easier than the last design we had. On this design, all you ought to do is enter your email address, the amount you want and then click a button. After you have done that, all you have to do is complete a short survey to get your code. The thing that makes us stand out more than the other website’s you’ve probably gone to is that we hand select every survey to ensure that they are as short as they possibly can.

How Generator Works

We know you want to get a code and get back into the game as soon as possible. Most of the sites we’ve gone to have surveys that are added automatically. That means that they don’t hand pick them, so you’re not getting the best selection of reviews. If you’re not getting the best surveys to complete that could on to the process time by at least 5 minutes, we want our visitors to get here and go.

Our PSN Code Generator still has room to go, so, for the time being, we’ve enabled the referral system to help us grow. We have cut down the number of people you have to invite to just 3, but that will still help us grow tremendously. The reason we want you to share our website with your friends is; when we get more and more popular, potential sponsors stumble upon our website. Sponsors are the only way we could keep this site going, so the more sponsors we have, the more free PSN codes we can give out. All that we ask you do is share our site on Facebook and invite 3 of your friends. I don’t think that’s enough to ask for, compared to what you’re getting for free. So what are you waiting for? Go and try out the new design of our PSN Code Generator!